Moving and Packing Services in Florida

Moving and Packing are specialties

We can handle your moving and packing as well, making your entire move a surprisingly pleasant experience.

Highly Recommended by Moving and Packing Customers

We Care Affordable Moving is not just a moving crew with a truck. We offer complete moving and packing services so you can delegate every aspect of your move to us and you can enjoy a smooth hassle free transition.

With our packing services, you can rest assured that every item will be carefully wrapped and packed to avoid any damage whatsoever, and every piece of furniture is well padded and packed in the truck to protect it from any shifting and avoid even a scratch.

We also, carefully label every box and organize it by room, so that the entire move is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible by experts who excel at moving and packing for you.

We also disassemble your furniture and reassemble it at the new location, including bedroom sets, entertainment units, dining tables and office desks. We can even unpack for you so that when you walk into your new home or office, everything is almost exactly like it was at your old place of residence.

We have entire companies leave their offices on Friday afternoon, and walk into their new offices Monday morning to find everything the way they left it!

With every major moving and packing job, we quote a flat-rate and stick to it, so you can count on the price being exactly what was quoted for the entire move.

We will need to meet with you, in advance, to evaluate your inventory and give you a flat-rate quote for our moving and packing services. And we hope that, after we give you an excellent service, we are able to surprise you with our low prices.

Call Javier at 386-215-1247 to get started on your quote for complete moving and packing services.