Why move to the beautiful town of Lake Helen, FL, USA?

Why Move to the Beautiful Town of Lake Helen, FL

If you are looking for a peaceful, charming town to live in, you might want to consider Lake Helen, FL. This beautiful town is situated in Volusia County, Florida, and is known for its historic architecture, natural beauty, and small-town feel. In this blog, we will discuss why moving to the beautiful town of Lake Helen, FL, is an excellent choice.

The History of Lake Helen, FL

Lake Helen, FL, was established in 1888 as a winter resort town. It was named after the daughter of one of the town’s founders, Henry DeLand. The town was incorporated in 1888 and became a popular destination for wealthy Northerners looking to escape the cold winter weather.

Lake Helen, FL, has a rich history that is reflected in its architecture. Many of the buildings in the town’s historic district were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s and have been lovingly restored. These buildings include the Hopkins Hall, the DeLand House Museum, and the Lake Helen Public School.

The Attractions of Lake Helen, FL

One of the main attractions of Lake Helen, FL, is its beautiful natural scenery. The town is surrounded by several lakes and parks, including Lake Helen Park, Blake Park, and Lake Winnemissett. These parks offer opportunities for hiking, biking, picnicking, and fishing. The town also has several nature trails, including the Lake Helen-Cassadaga Trail and the Lake Helen Trail.

Lake Helen, FL, is also known for its annual events, such as the Lake Helen Spring Festival and the Lake Helen Christmas Parade. These events bring the community together and offer opportunities for fun and entertainment.

For history buffs, Lake Helen, FL, offers several historical attractions, such as the Hopkins Hall, which was built in 1905 and now serves as a community center. The DeLand House Museum is another historical attraction that showcases the history of the town and its founding families. The Lake Helen Public School is another historical landmark that has been converted into a community center and is used for various events throughout the year.

Schools in Lake Helen, FL

If you are moving to Lake Helen, FL, with children, you will be pleased to know that the town has several excellent schools. The Volusia County School District serves Lake Helen, FL, and offers a range of educational programs for children of all ages. Some of the top-rated schools in the area include Volusia Pines Elementary School, Deltona Middle School, and Deltona High School.

Outdoor Life in Lake Helen, FL

Lake Helen, FL, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The town is surrounded by several lakes and parks, making it the perfect place for hiking, biking, fishing, and picnicking. Lake Helen Park is one of the most popular parks in the area and features a fishing pier, a playground, and picnic areas. Blake Park is another popular park that offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and a lake for fishing.

The Lake Helen-Cassadaga Trail is a 5.8-mile trail that connects the towns of Lake Helen and Cassadaga. This trail is perfect for hiking, biking, and birdwatching and offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The Lake Helen Trail is another popular trail that is ideal for hiking and biking.


If you are looking for a peaceful, charming town to live in, Lake Helen, FL, is an excellent choice. This beautiful town offers a range of natural and historical attractions, excellent schools, and opportunities for outdoor recreation. With its small-town feel and friendly community, Lake Helen, FL, is the perfect place to call home. So, if you are looking for a beautiful and affordable place to live that is close to nature and offers a high quality of life, then Lake Helen, FL, is the perfect destination.

In addition to its natural beauty and historical landmarks, Lake Helen, FL, is also conveniently located near several major cities, including Orlando and Daytona Beach. This makes it easy to access all of the amenities and attractions of these bustling cities while still enjoying the peace and quiet of small-town life.

So why not consider moving to the beautiful town of Lake Helen, FL? Whether you are a young family looking for an affordable and safe place to raise your children, a retiree seeking a peaceful and relaxing place to spend your golden years, or anyone in between, Lake Helen, FL, has something to offer everyone.

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